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Business Business

Domestic Projects

In the field of infrastructure systems, which is an important industrial base for social and economic activities, we are responsible for projects to extend the service life of infrastructure throughout Japan, including large-scale civil engineering works, highway SA construction, seismic reinforcement of bridges, river and road works, propulsion works, and water and sewerage system installation works, aiming to realize reliable lifelines that protect people's lives and provide security. We are also working to realize lifelines that protect people's lives and provide peace of mind.
In addition, since the problem of aging infrastructure is a universal issue, we are proactively developing reproducible know-how, including the introduction of ICT/IOT technology, so that the technology does not belong to any one person.


Overseas Projects

We believe it is our mission to offer superior Japanese-quality construction techniques, site management expertise, and total management capabilities in safety and quality control in overseas locations to fulfill diverse needs across the world. Accordingly, we have been engaging in public and private construction and civil engineering works projects from a base in West Africa.
In the field of construction, we contract with major Japanese general contractors and public bodies, etc. for new construction, repair, and maintenance work for plants and facilities. In the field of civil engineering, we utilize technical capabilities originating in Japan in large-scale site preparation work projects and bridge/river/road work projects for the expansion of our business and contribution to local communities. For the future, we are looking toward expanding beyond the framework of the construction industry from the standpoint of the entire business ecosystem.


Energy Projects

We are also involved in the construction of renewable energy, transmission lines, and information and telecommunications infrastructure to realize a decarbonized society.
We are actively aiming to realize a sustainable society by taking on the challenge of new renewable energy projects in the future.
We also provide engineering-led services and state-of-the-art technologies for onshore and offshore wind power generation, offshore energy facilities, and marine infrastructure.


Service Projects

In this era of change, the challenges facing our clients are becoming increasingly diverse. By going beyond existing frameworks and anticipating change, we strive to dramatically improve productivity and safety, as well as total management capabilities, to create new value.