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Airu Engineering was founded in 2013.

Although still youthful as a company, we have already accumulated abundant experiences in successfully completing a variety of work projects. Another aspect of our characteristics is that we engage in various fields of business, including construction, logistics, and energy, etc.

Airu Engineering receives requests for cooperation from across Japan and worldwide. But what enables us to respond to a broad range of orders? The answer is our relentless efforts to collect the wisdom and expertise of our engineers and other staff and domestic and international manufacturers and suppliers.

This is also the source of our energy for growth.

Expansion of our business overseas

With our partners, we have technical capabilities and unique propositions to bring dreams into reality.

Considering the astonishing technological advancements in recent years, it is predicted they will be further accelerated in the future.
We can respond to a wide variety of orders, such as major national development projects for infrastructures and energy resources, which are the basis of society, as well as engineering cooperation and consultation for renewable energy projects for social activation.


Lines of business 01 Domestic Projects & Private Works Projects

Toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society in 2050, Airu Engineering has contributed to renewable energy projects through land preparation works for mega-solar plants throughout Japan as well as self-operated transmission line works and telecommunication infrastructure development, etc., for our major Japanese and foreign-affiliated clients.

For the future, we will take proactive actions in pursuit of realizing a sustainable society, e.g. new initiatives for renewable energy projects.

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Lines of business 02 Domestic Projects & Public Works Projects

In the field of industrial infrastructures and systems critical for socio-economic activities, Airu Engineering has worked to establish and maintain reliable lifelines to protect people's livelihoods through infrastructure life-prolongation works projects throughout Japan, including highway SA construction works, seismic strengthening works for bridges, river/road works, propulsion works, water and sewer system works, and so on.

As the issue of infrastructure aging is common to many countries, we have actively collected reproducible know-how without a high degree of dependence on individual skills, e.g. introduction of ICT/IOT technologies.

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Lines of business 03 Overseas Projects (Civil Engineering and Construction)

We believe it is our mission to offer superior Japanese-quality construction techniques, site management expertise, and total management capabilities in safety and quality control in overseas locations to fulfill diverse needs across the world. Accordingly, we have been engaging in public and private construction and civil engineering works projects from a base in West Africa.

In the field of construction, we contract with major Japanese general contractors and public bodies, etc. for new construction, repair, and maintenance work for plants and facilities. In the field of civil engineering, we utilize technical capabilities originating in Japan in large-scale site preparation work projects and bridge/river/road work projects for the expansion of our business and contribution to local communities. For the future, we are looking toward expanding beyond the framework of the construction industry from the standpoint of the entire business ecosystem.

Learn more about past works and projects

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile