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Get to know Airu Airu engineering.


Airu Engineering was founded in 2013.

Although still youthful as a company, we have already accumulated abundant experiences in successfully completing a variety of work projects. Another aspect of our characteristics is that we engage in various fields of business, including construction, logistics, and energy, etc.

Airu Engineering receives requests for cooperation from across Japan and worldwide. But what enables us to respond to a broad range of orders? The answer is our relentless efforts to collect the wisdom and expertise of our engineers and other staff and domestic and international manufacturers and suppliers.

This is also the source of our energy for growth.


Expansion of our business overseas

With our partners, we have technical capabilities and unique propositions to bring dreams into reality.

Considering the astonishing technological advancements in recent years, it is predicted they will be further accelerated in the future.
We can respond to a wide variety of orders, such as major national development projects for infrastructures and energy resources, which are the basis of society, as well as engineering cooperation and consultation for renewable energy projects for social activation.

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Corporate Profile