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Unique propositions Proposal power

Airu Engineering collects internal and external wisdom to study various dimensions of our clients' issues and challenges and offer out-of-the-box solutions exceeding the clients' expectations.


Technical capabilities to realize plans Technical capabilities

We make full use of our global network covering the entire world and work with quality partners to introduce state-of-the-art technologies. We also work diligently on new technologies and unite to constantly acquire new skills. Technologies we adopt are transformed into optimal services to carry out plans.


Capacity to respond to any request Ability to take action

Airu accepts every request requiring the highest degree of expertise or involving difficulties. Even beyond the duties of a construction company, our actions include quickly sourcing required human resources, materials, and expertise to offer the best possible solutions regarding client needs.


Affordability of enjoying work Enjoy works

Even in our duties, we appreciate the value of finding joy of tackling challenges. This is because we believe unique and out-of-the-box ideas emerge from free-thinking minds. Thus, our unique propositions come from Airu’s corporate culture.


Trusted partners
and networks
Teamwork + Networking

We have established broad networks of domestic and international partners based on mutual trust cultivated over the years. In cooperation with trusted partners in Japan and worldwide, we develop and offer unique proposals based on the knowledge and wisdom of engineers and experts in diverse fields.


Corporate Information

Founded in 2013 in the construction industry in Japan, Airu Engineering has successfully accomplished overseas expansion in only five years and we are still in the phase of our rapid growth. Still youthful as a company, we are accumulating records of successful work projects and acquiring experiences in a broad range of fields to expand our operations.

Corporate Profile

In the midst of periods of major change, we still grasp the tides and trends of the age from a global perspective. Thereby we can be one step ahead of our clients present-day needs and offer comprehensive solutions that go above and beyond them.


The resourcefulness of "Airu people" consists of an eagerness to take on any challenge and make persistent efforts to deliver solutions without giving up. In addition, our unique approaches based upon Airu's "five strengths" are another reason why clients choose Airu Engineering.

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