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We do not only imagine dreams.
We are confident about realizing them.

The picture of the future drawn by Airu Engineering is full of dreams.
Beyond the borders of Japan, we expand our vision to the world and strive to help realize a sustainable global society, establish safe and robust lifelines, and create sound work environments in societies with a decreasing population.
We may face difficulties along the way to achieving the future. Still, we commit ourselves to providing global solutions in step with the times with our five unique strengths (comprehensive technical capabilities) and networks to source the best possible expertise and materials from across the world.
We will continue to enjoy our endeavors toward our goals and increase our corporate value while contributing to society.

The 5 Strengths 5 strengths of Airu Engineering

  1. Proposal power
    The ability to get out-of-the-box ideas
    The ability to solve problems
    The ability to have multilateral perspectives
    The ability to sort out and analyze problems
    The ability to gain an insight into problems
    A thorough understanding of field practices
  2. Technical capabilities
    Sorting out technologies by goals to achieve
    Constant efforts to gain new technologies
    Studying and acquiring technical knowledge
    Day-to-day efforts to acquire techniques
  3. Ability
    to take action
    Clear objectives and goals
    No fear of failure
    Good at shifting emotional gears
    Thinking in simple terms
    Positive thinking
    Making a choice the correct choice
  4. Enjoy works
    Enjoying contingencies
    Positively accepting matters/situations
    Never cutting corners
    Human-friendly ingenuity
    Society-friendly ingenuity
    Actively taking on challenges
    Establishing trust even through troubles
    Taking a long-term view without being swayed by immediate gains
  5. Teamwork
    Communication with partner companies
    Partner companies are cherished companions
    Establishing trusting relationships
    Networks that generate referrals
    One team

Technical capabilities

  1. While maintaining our identity as a construction company, we have strengths in deriving solutions in step with the times from multilateral perspectives beyond the conventional scope of the construction and building business. We constantly think of solutions and repeat through trial and error until we find the best possible answer to overcome challenges because it is our pleasure to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of our clients.
  2. We value the voices of actual clients and pursue construction and building work projects that are more reliable, safer, and more appropriate for society. To that end, we plan and propose a broad range of work projects and services related to human resources and materials essential for construction work projects.
  3. We use our solid networks covering the entire globe to source expertise and materials from our technical partners. We actively build partnerships with companies in possession of required technologies in Japan and other parts of the world as an effort to supply optimal expertise and materials.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

To the world

Airu Engineering connects the past and future, Japan and the world.
Why did Airu Engineering decide to expand overseas?
The answer is that we aspire to be the one and only construction company beyond the conventional scope of the construction industry from the standpoint of the entire business ecosystem.
Despite high barriers toward this goal, we exert our unique abilities to solve problems and deploy more adventurous ideas in overseas markets.
Furthermore, we also try to convey the beauty of Japanese hospitality and manners to the world believing that doing so will lead to a future in which people of the world share pleasure and happiness together.