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2024.02.01 FibreMax

FibreMax・Airu Engineering We will exhibit at [ WIND EXPO] Wind Power Generation Exhibition 2024 Spring

FibreMaxAiru Engineering


FibreMax is a cable manufacturer headquartered in Jure, Netherlands, founded in 2009. With the motto of ``the world's best cables,'' we manufacture synthetic fiber cables using ``aramid fibers'' developed by Teijin Limited. We have developed it and are currently expanding its uses and sales channels as a new material to replace steel wire.

Its applications are expanding day by day, including offshore wind power, installation in heavy construction machinery such as cranes, support wires for smartphone base stations, road guardrails, and fish farming nets. In particular, floating offshore wind power has been highly praised for its features, and several projects are already underway in Europe, the United States, and other countries.


We are introducing not only FibreMax's synthetic fiber cables, but also the latest solutions for all underwater and submarine structures used under harsh sea conditions, so please take a look.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Date & Time:2023/3/15(Wed)~2023/3/17(Fri) 10:00~17:00

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo


Booth: W19-82

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